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Greece at bay? par Jacques SAPIR - RussEurope

Publié par Passions Electives sur 18 Octobre 2015, 21:52pm

Jacques Sapir  et Arta Seiti
Jacques Sapir et Arta Seiti


Par Jacques SAPIR

Text kindly translated by Anne-Marie de Grazia

This text is a summary of Jacques SAPIR’s intervention at the conference« Genesis and actuality of the Greek crises – Analysis of causes, mechanisms and consequences » under the auspices of IPSE and IHEDN – Île de France, which took place September 29 2015 at the Ecole Militaire.

In his approach of the geostrategic analysis of Greece along two essential axes of this nation’s history, Jacques Sapir shows under a new angle the structure and intrinsic nature of the economic and political identity of the country.

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